Murfreesboro TN Breaking News Headlines Going Into The Weekend

Murfreesboro has been one of the fastest growing US cities for quite some time. Its location near Nashville certainly helps. There are always many positive headlines pouring out of the city full of college students, but not all the news is going to be positive. What’s going on in The Boro?

The new bridge over Broad Street is going to be opening soon. I used to live in Murfreesboro, and I can picture that bridge. It would be a big deal, and when I saw this headline, it made me really think more about how fast the city of Murfreesboro is growing. It is cool that Broad Street is now going to have a bridge.

It has also been announced in the news that the city manager is resigning. That is a big position to fill, but I’m sure they will find the right person. He isn’t resigning amid controversy or anything. It is all about new opportunities.

In other news, there were four shoplifting arrests reported recently, and there is also a census scam going on in the neighboring city of La Vergne. There are news stories with less clout, too, that go in one ear and out the other with most people. For example, there is a report about cluttered bike lanes.

Unfortunately, there was a rape reported on the MTSU campus recently, too, and it happened in a dorm room. Also, four people were just arrested recently concerning a murder that happened last year. There is a news report about an elementary school principal that has passed away as well. There was also another rape case reported involving an elderly woman in her garage. Those types of news stories are horrible to hear about. It is much better to hear about the bridge over Broad Street and stories of that nature.

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